Friday, June 29, 2018

Dutch princess baptized in Ottawa

June 29, 1943

Princess Margriet Francisca, the infant daughter of Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard of  the Netherlands, was baptized earlier today at St. Andrew's Church in Ottawa, in the presence of her grandmother Queen Wilhelmina. The service, according to the New York Times, was conducted partly in English and partly in Dutch.

The Earl of Athlone, Governor General of Canada, represented his sister, Queen Mary, as one of the princess' godparents.  Another godparent is a woman "whose husband was shot as a hostage by the Nazis in the Netherlands.  Her name has not been made public as other members of her family remain in occupied Netherlands.''

Margriet is also the godchild of "the officers and men of the Netherlands Merchant Marine. 

The baptism was broadcast by shortwave and will be relayed to the Netherlands.

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Wendy Hunter said...

Every spring we are reminded of the Dutch Royal Family’s time in Ottawa when the city is filled with thousands of tulips, a gift to our Capital City with thanks from them. Many Canadians still remember them with affection.