Sunday, May 27, 2018

Day 4 Hello Windsor

Checked out of the Grand Royale on Thursday morning (leaving my larger suitcase as I will check in again on May 20) and got a cab to Paddington Station.  After doing a pre-arranged interview for Ukrainian TV (I was dubbed), I caught a train to Maidenhead, where I had found an Air BnB on the day the wedding was announced.

Catherine and her dog, Bella, were lovely hosts.   Her home was near the Thames.    No direct access, train from Maidenhead to Slough (a few minutes) then the train from Harry and Meghan Central (Slough) to Windsor.

After checking in and dropping off the bags (and having a nice cup of tea), I headed back to the train station for Windsor to check out things, due a recce on the Long Walk, meet up with Twitter friends and do a few interviews with the BBC and ITV.

High Street and Peascod were suitably decorated for the wedding, bunting everywhere.  Nearly every store window was decorated and several places to have your photo taken with Harry and Meghan.

The weather was fabulous.  I had a nice lunch at the Prince Harry Pub, including the Windsor Knot beer.  I could use another one right now.


approaching Windsor

a dear friend Victoria Arbiter .. ran into her just as I was leaving the train station

I had accreditation for the BBC so got to inside the media area on castle grounds on Thursday.  The castle was closed to the public.

I ran into Channel 4's Angie Goff who did a piece on me a week before the wedding.

Arthur Edwards, the photographer

NBC had the highest of all the studios, above the Macdonald Windsor hotel

No drive thru

and the coffee was good, too

Statue of Prince Albert Victor of Schleswig-Holstein, grandson of Queen Victoria

the Thames from the bridge connecting Windsor and Eton

Had dessert and another beer at this pub across from the castle

a Tesco delivery to the castle

cherry pie with vanilla custard

Getting ready for BBC World and BBC news inside the castle grounds

after my interview

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