Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Oh, what a Hanover

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Prince Ernst August, the 64-year-old head of the house of Hanover, planned to create a scene at the wedding of his younger son, Prince Christian, last week in Lima, Peru.

The weekly German magazine, Bunte, is reporting that the week before Ernst August boarded the plane for Lima, he spent a week with a "dark-haired beauty in a luxury resort in Kenya," where witnesses stated he "consumed bottles of wine and champagne." 

Prince Ernst August has battled the bottle for some years now. He has been hospitalized on several occasions and has been treated for pancreatitis.

He is in a battle with his elder son, Hereditary Prince Ernst August, over property that he had turned over to his son in 2004.  Ernst August has tried to blackmail the younger Ernst August by saying that he will not recognize his marriage until he returns the property, including Schloss Marienburg, and the properties in Austria, which are run by a Liechtenstein-based board set up in the early 1960s, by Ernst August's father.

His actions backfired quickly.  On the eve of the wedding,  Prince Ernst August organized a dinner at the Osaka restaurant in Lima.  According to Bunte, Princess Caroline backs her stepson in the inheritance dispute.   She asked her children to not attend the dinner so Princess Alexandra of Hannover, 18, and her boyfriend, Ben-Sylvester Strautmann and Pierre Casiraghi, 30,  did not go to the dinner.  Andrea Casiraghi arrived in Lima the next day.

Hereditary Prince Ernst August and his mother, Chantal, also did not go to the dinner.

Prince Ernst August apparently drank too much that evening and created a drunken scene at the hotel later that evening.

The following day at the San Pedro church, where Prince Christian and Alessandra de Osma were married,  Prince Ernst August's strange behavior gathered further interest.  He flashed the V sign, giving the impression that he would be victorious in his fight with his elder son.

There were also questions about seating in the church.  In the front pew, Chantal sat a few places from her former husband, who, according to protocol, was placed near the altar.   He should have walked down the aisle with his former wife, but instead, arrived at the last minute with his entourage, and walked directly into the church, leaving the groom to escort his mother.

The wedding dinner was held at the Casa Berckemeyer.  Prince Ernst August arrived at 7:30 p.m,  and stayed for only 90 minutes.  He had a bandage on one hand and, again, according to Bunte, his pants were soaked.

Prince Ernst did not attend the wedding banquet on the following evening.  There were reports about food poisoning and an alcohol collapse.  Prince Ernst August had been admitted to a local clinic and was described as "very critical" by the doctors.

6 comments: said...

saga continues. At least his boys have much more commonsense.

Unknown said...

Its tragic that he behaves so,has he inherited the Madness of King George?

Unknown said...

Okay, so I've read some reports that he is still in the hospital, some say he was put in a coma, some say that he is now back home. Do we know what is status currently is? And how awful that he would cause a scene like that one purpose. So glad P. Carolina told her children not to go and so glad his sons have a better disposition that he does.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

He was put into a temporary coma ... but there has been no word on where he is now.

He has not inherited George III's "madness" He suffers from substance abuse

Unknown said...

What an embarrassing lout!

Unknown said...

Then its even more tragic for everyone in his family.