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Frederica winning Greek hearts

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February 5, 1938

The newly married Crown Princess Frederica of Greece is becoming "firmly established in her new role" as the future  Queen of the Hellenes, the New York Times is reporting.    She has "captured the fancy and conquered the hearts of many who were perhaps indifferently disposed" before her marriage to Crown Prince Paul, the heir to the throne.

The former Princess Frederica of Hanover, only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg,  has a "simplicity of manner and graceful acceptance of her position in her new adopted country."

According to one observer,  the Crown Princess "puts on no airs."

Even before her marriage, the young princess began to learn modern Greek, which is for many people "an undertaking."    One question not yet answered -- and one that has less interest in the country --  will the Princess relinquish her Lutheran faith and be received into the Greek Orthodox faith like her great-aunt Queen Sophie (her late mother-in-law)?   This question has not been answered.

She will certainly adopt "the customs of the country" and take part in public events.  She will also "stimulate a wider interest in sports," as she has an active interest in sport.

The name Frederica is not known in Greece.  It has been reported -- but not confirmed -- that she will be known as Margarita, which is one of her nine names (Friederike Luise Thyra Viktoria Margarita Sophie Olga Cecilia Isabella Christa).

The princes is "nominally of German nationality," which could bring about "a sentimental German orientation" in Greece's relationship with other countries.  But according to recent reports,  the princess' family has never been "partial to the present German regime."

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