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Michael will issue a statement after all of his family leave Romania

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January 4, 1948

Former King Michael of Romania will issue a "statement to the world on his abdication" as soon as all of his family "reach the safety of foreign soil," his private secretary said tonight, according to a United Press dispatch.

Mirces Ionitziu made the comments on the King's eight-car special train as it traveled through Vienna toward Switzerland.

Michael's private secretary was shown newspaper reports that the king "quite under outright Communist pressure."

"I cannot deny these reports," he said, adding "At the moment, however, I cannot talk about the motives which caused the King's abdication."

He said the king would issue his statement after his aunts, Princess Elisabeth and Princess Ileana left Romania.  They remain in the country until next week due to "technical " -- presumably -- family reasons.

Michael is also eager to see Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma, whom he hopes to marry soon.

Ionitziu told reporters that Michael left Romania with little money.

"We sold some wine and other items which were the King's personal property before we left to get some money.  His Majesty intends to stay in Lausanne, Switzerland, until his affairs are settled and he has discussed things with Princess Anne.  The King is awfully eager to see her.  He expects she will be in Switzerland when he gets here. "

However, according to a dispatch from Copenhagen, Princess Anne plans to join Michael on "shortest notice" but has not yet been in contact with him.   Her mother, Princess Margaretha, told a reporter that Anne will not leave Copenhagen until she has a message from Michael."

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