Friday, January 5, 2018

Michael arrives in Switzerland

January 5, 1948

Michael, the King of Romania, who abdicated his throne for "political reasons and political reasons only," arrived early today by train in Lausanne, Switzerland, reports the Associated Press.

The former king was greeted by "shouts of 'Down with Communism' and 'Long live freedom,'"  but he chose to make no public statement upon his arrival. He appeared surprised by the support, but he did not smile.

His secretary, Mircea Ionitziu, said he would not answer any questions about a possible marriage between Michael and Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma.

He did state that "negotiations are still in progress with the Romanian government on the disposition of Michael's property."  He added that the royal party had brought "very little money" to Switzerland and that the King's Romanian properties are being "administered temporarily" by Dr. Ion Popescu, the former comptroller of one of the royal estates.

The spokesman stated that Michael's plans were "very indefinite," but the "Romanian government has given the King the possibility to return to Romania with part of his entourage."

King Michael will stay at a lakeside hotel, where he stayed with his mother, Queen Helen, in early December.  He is expected to make a full statement "in a few days."

Michael was able to make a telephone call to Princess Anne, who is in Copenhagen.  They were able to speak for about 10 minutes and the King "seemed elated" by the conversation.

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