Thursday, November 9, 2017

Statement from Princess Helen of Romania

Elisabeta Palace, November 9, 2017

The Press Office of His Majesty King Michael I of Romania
has been authorised to release the following statement
of HRH The Princess Helena of Romania, mother of Mr Nicholas Medforth-Mills:

I am deeply saddened and worried about the actions of my son, Nicholas. Through his behaviour, in the last days, Nicholas breached the intimacy, suffering, and dignity of my father, King Michael.

I have told Nicholas, in the past, about the fact that the King does not wish to see him because of his lack of moral principles. Even the King himself, receiving the news of my son's marriage, told Nicholas in a private letter on August 4, 2017, that he is deeply saddened that Nicholas had done nothing to clarify the paternity of his alleged child, a girl of nearly two years old. This shows an unacceptable lack of responsibility.

During my most recent visit to Aubonne last August, my father personally confirmed his decision not to receive Nicholas, something my son knows. King Michael has clarified several times, verbally and in in writing, that the reason for his decision to withdraw the title from Nicholas is that my son does not have the necessary qualities to assume a position in the Royal House of Romania.

Nicholas’ actions of the last two days are profoundly wrong morally and grave mistakes. My son has shown contempt for Romania, her people and the principles of the Royal House. As a mother, this behaviour is devastating.


MAXny said...

What a pity.

Leo A-W said...

My heart really goes out to her, must be extremely difficult for her.

Ronnie Hartley - Savill said...

It is so terribly sad that disagreements between mother and son and grandson and grandfather that should forever remain private and personal are played out in the public sphere. I've said it before, but if every Prince who had a one night stand or a child out of wedlock lost his place in succession there would be very few of them around today. Its actually a good thing the Romanian Family is not reigning they are very dysfunctional imagine what the fights would have been like if they were on the Throne.

Matthew Plooster said...

This and Nicholas's response are both terribly unfortunate to read. The Romanian Royal House is becoming a soap operatic 'he said, she said!' I can only imagine how difficult this is for Nicholas, his mother, and his aunts. Emotions are high an all parts of the spectrum here.

While it is said that the King's decision to remove Nicholas from the royal house is because he doesn't feel that he has the moral character to lead and be an example, I find this very public and very personal display to be rather unbecoming, too. Especially, with these possibly being the King's final days, as this should be a time for family reconciliation as well as a unified front for the people of Romania.

Marlene - you usually abstain from sharing an opinion regarding matters of the Romanian Royal House out of respect to your relationship with the King and his daughters. With this particular situation, do you have anything to add, beyond these statements?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Matthew .. No comment

Unknown said...

This report is starting to gain attention in some Romanian media outlets...

Journalist Roxana Iordache, who was close to the Romanian royal family in the 1990s and an advisor to King Michael, has come out with some interesting statements about Princess Helen of Romania.

She alleges that Princess Helen sued her son when he was a minor for the inheritance his father, Dr Robin Medforth-Mills, had left to Nicholas after the couple divorced in 1991. Iordache wrote, "she wanted all the money, not to take care of her son. Nicholas was just a scared child when his parents divorced and he was sent off to boarding schools."

Further, Iordache states that King Michael wanted his grandson Nicholas to grow up in Romania, but that Helen would not give her consent for this to happen.