Friday, November 17, 2017

Princess Elizabeth's gifts are on display

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November 17, 1947

Princess Elizabeth was present at a reception earlier today at Buckingham Palace where her wedding gifts were put on display, reports the Associated Press.   The gifts, according to court circles "was unsurpassed in the history of modern royal romances in Britain."

More presents for Princess Elizabeth and Lt. Philip Mountbatten - "from rare jewels to linen handkerchiefs" sent from "people of high and humble station."  The heiress presumptive to the throne has received enough gifts to "stock a small department store."

Tonight, the bride's parents hosted "as much of a feast at their realm's tight rationing laws permit" to entertain foreign royalty who have come to attend the wedding.

This was a select dinner-dance for 150 guests.

Earlier in the day, the Princess, accompanied by her parents and her younger sister, Princess Margaret Rose, welcomed guests after she spent a few hours with reporters looking at the gifts.

A second tea party will be held tomorrow for "persons from all walks of life,"including Mrs. Ella Wehage of Somerville, Massachusetts, who sent the bride a garter for good luck.

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