Thursday, November 9, 2017

Nicholas Medforth-Mills' response

Nicholas Medforth-Mills has issued a response to the statement released earlier today from his mother.

"I am very sorry that these press releases of the Royal House are deeply damaging, especially in these difficult moments, the image of what should be the Royal House of Romania: its history, the moral values ​​and the dignity that my grandfather and his forefathers have always tried to live by and keep.

I, Nicholas, just wanted to see my grandfather and say goodbye, in a calm, respectful way, as he is a Christian. I have not been allowed to do so, neither now nor in other times when I wanted to see him. Even during exile, we, grandfather and grandson, were not separated, and we both appreciated this blood link. Knowing him so well, I do not think he is the one who decided not to see me. On the contrary, I know he would have longed for it.

I am disappointed and profoundly saddened by the actions of the members of the Royal House and my mother, of the ease and lack of respect with which they effectively release to the press such aggressive, defamatory and unjustified communiqués, especially now that it would be noble to show respect and pass over who knows what personal ambitions.

For me, my grandfather remains the depository of moral values ​​that I choose to respect and acquire. Out of respect for him and my forebears, for the history they have written, I will not be discredited by these unfortunate and meaningless games. I remind everyone that the love and respect of a people is earned, it is not gained by force.”

4 comments: said...

Paul Lambrino 'sives von Hohenzollern' must be laughing all the way to the bank with this new saga.. Maybe more to come from his side in the new future.. It is a total mockery now. Hopefully the Crown Princess will be able to hold together then legacy of King Michael in the future and bring her sister and their descendants closer.

If the King does passes away, the President of Romania would likely side with the Crown Princess or Paul Lambrino. This will be the tale we all await and see what unfolds.
The smartest thing the Republic of Roumania to do is the distance himself from the former regime and its heirs.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Don't think Lambrino will be laughing as he is facing serious legal charges in Romania and lost a major suit (several million dollars) in England, which the Romanians accepted and legal officials there moved to take Lambrino's property, including his Bucharest home. The President would not side with Lambrino. The family has already been acknowledged with a semi official status and legislation is now making its way through to provide official status.

Jean Brklich said...

Marlene, what is your take on the present situation? (If you would rather not answer, I can respect that) What do you personally think is going on with Nicholas and his family. I've heard all kinds of things, conspiracy theories and all.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Jean. I will make no comment.