Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Michael flies in London for royal wedding

November 15, 1947

King Michael of Romania arrived today in London, one of the first guest to arrive for Princess Elizabeth's wedding.  The Associated Press is reporting that the bachelor king, a "diplomatic and romantic puzzle in his own right," may be looking for his own bride.

The 26-year-old king is the only monarch "within the European nations neighboring Russia, flew from Romania in his own "two-engine plane" with his mother, Queen Helen, and his aunt, the Duchess of Aosta.

Even before his arrival, the British are wondering if Michael "has come for purposes other than attending the wedding."  Has the young king, playing the role of prince charming, come to woo, Princess Elizabeth's younger sister, the very pretty Princess Margaret Rose.

Members of the Diplomatic Corps are wondering whether "political reasons" prompted Michael to leave Romania for the first time since 1940, when he succeeded his father, Carol II.  Romania is now under the control by the Communists, and many are wondering of the king will choose exile, rather than return home.

This question was broached when he arrived in Munich, Germany.  He responded to reports that he was running away from Romania with the comment: "ridiculous and untrue."

Michael is keeping his counsel in London.  A "heavy guard" hustled the king from his plane and into a car to take him to his West End hotel in London.

In recent weeks in Romania, the Communists have tightened their grip on the country.  Ana Pauker, one of the Romania's leading communists, has been made Foreign Minister.  She is alleged to have photos of Lenin and Stalin in her office, but but not a photo of King Michael.

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