Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Duma's president asks Nicholas for better facilities for the press

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November 15, 1907

Nicholas II met with President Khomyaoff in an audience today at Tsarkoe-Selo, reports the New York Times.  The meeting "advanced the relations between the Emperor and the President of the lower house to a considerable effort."

After the "exchange of formal greetings," the Emperor and Empress "expressed their satisfaction with the loyalty of the new Duma.  Nichokas "manifested a wish" to have the Duma President "report freely to the throne the progress made by the new House."

President Khomyaoff took advantage of the opportunity to ask for a larger press gallery, noting that the current size was "inadequate."

This suggestion brought out the "intimation" that Nicholas II approved the "enlarging of the facilities of the press."

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