Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Selection of Danish Images

Princess Thyra of Denmark, youngest daughter of King Christian X and Queen Louise

Midd row (second from left  Princess Marie wife of Waldemar)  Prince Hans of Schleswig-Holstein (brother of Christian IX), Empress Dagmar of Russia, King Frederik VIII & Queen Louise). Back row(second from left: Prince Carl of Denmark,  Prince Gustav of Denmark

Prince Valdemar and Princess Marie with their five children: Princes Aage, Axel, Erik, Viggo and Princess Margareta

Middle row  2nd from left Alexandra, George I, Dagmar,  Frederik VIII,. Grand Duchess Helen. Younger man on right Carl of Denmark

Prince Valdemar & his daughter, Margareta

Prince Harald & Princess Helena & their five children: Feodora, Caroline-Mathilde, Alexandrine, Gorm and Oluf

Christian X

Queen Alexandrine

These images of members of the Danish royal house & their families comes from my personal postcard collection.  Royal postcards are my weakness. 


Ted Rosvall said...

Picture 2: Back row: Princess Dagmar (1890), Prince Harald, Prince Gustav and Prince Axel.
Middle row: Princess Thyra ... etc
Children, Prince Eric (or Viggo) and Princes Knud and Frederik.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...