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Princess Margrethe a guest at the Danish legation

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 October 26, 1942

Princess Margrethe of Bourbon-Parma arrived in Washington, D.C, from New York City, earlier today, reports the Washington Post.  She is the guest of Danish Minister and Mrs. de Kauffmann at their home on Massachusetts Avenue.

Due to serious illness of the princess' great uncle, King Christian X of Denmark,  there will be "no entertaining for the princess" during her stay in Washington.  She is expected to stay with the de Kauffmann's for three to four days.

Princess Margrethe is only daughter of the late Prince Valdemar of Denmark's and Princess Marie d'Orleans.    Prior to their marriage, their parents had agreed that their sons would be raised in their father's faith, Lutheran, while any daughters would be raised Roman Catholic, which was the faith of Princess Marie.     Thus, the princess was baptized as a Roman Catholic, and her four brothers were baptized Lutheran.

On June 9, 1921, the princess married Prince Rene of Bourbon-Parma, a younger son of the late Duke Roberto I of Parma and his second wife, Princess Maria Antonia of Portugal.  He is a brother of former Empress Zita of Austria and Prince Felix of Luxembourg, consort of Grand Duchess Charlotte.

The Prince and Princess and their four children, Prince Jacques, 20, Princess Anne, 19,  Prince Michel, 16, and 14-year-old Prince Andre, came to live in New York City two tears ago.

Princess Margrethe, 47, is a woman "of great energy."  She is well known in Denmark for a number of activities, including "an active interest in the Girl Scouts."

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