Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pope tries to interfere with Prince George of Greece's marriage

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October 26, 1907

The approaching marriage between Prince George of Greece and the very wealthy Princess Marie Bonaparte is causing "great discomfiture to the Holy See," according to a dispatch from the Washington Post.

The Pope has not been able to obtain from Prince George "the usual guarantee" that the children of the marriage will be raised in the Roman Catholic faith.   Prince George is a member of the Greek Orthodox Church, and his future wife w was raised as a Roman Catholic.

It now seems likely that the Pope will issue a decree "formally condemning mixed marriages" unless the couple are married "under Roman Catholic auspices and proper guarantee be given as to the bringing up of the offspring in the Roman Catholic Church.

Prince George, the second son of King George  of the Hellenes, has apparently not agreed to allow any children of his marriage to Princess Marie to be raised in the Catholic faith.

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