Saturday, October 7, 2017

Philip and Danica's pre-wedding dinner

Earlier tonight at the Royal Palace in Belgrade,  Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine hosted a dinner for more than 400 guests.  A drinks reception preceded the dinner, which started at 8:30 p.m.

Guests included the Duchess of Segorbe (Prince Philip's mother), Princess Adelaide d'Orleans,  Princess Anne, Dowager Duchess of Calabria (Philip's godmother), Prince Guillaume  and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg, the Margrave and Margravine of Baden, Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria (Countess Riprand of Arco-Zinneburg,   Sir Desmond de Silva and his daughter, Victoria,  and Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia.   Sir Desmond's former wife, Princess Katarina, who is Crown Prince Alexander's first cousin, had a previous engagement and will not be able to attend the wedding festivities.

all three photos: @Royal Family of Serbia

Tables were set up in five rooms in the palace.  The menu featured cold trout, veal fillet, and a chocolate dessert.  At the drinks reception, the guests were entertained by children in national costume.  All the guests went through the receiving line, where they met with Prince Philip and Miss Marinkovic.

More than 800 guests are expected for Saturday's wedding.

The couple lives in London but hopes to settle in Belgrade.  In a recent interview Prince Philip said: "we like going to musicals and to the theater.  We like to live in nature and we try to live a healthy lifestyle. In Belgrade, our life is mainly about spending time with family and friends, endless lunches and chatting."

Danica is looking forward to her new role as a princess.  "Like any new phase, a marriage brings new roles and new responsibilities.  I welcome everything with joy, respect, and excitement. I'm ready to pay attention to the obligations that are the in the future to my new life."

The photos used in this article are from an earlier event.  I hope to include photos as soon as I get them.

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