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Has Princess Ileana eloped?

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October 13, 1927

London papers are reporting the "rumor of a royal romance" between Princess Ileana of Romania and  young naval lieutenant, according to the New York Times, which published the dispatch.

"An amazing, dramatic and almost unbelievable report from Bucharest reached Vienna tonight concerning Princess Ileana, the youngest daughter of the King Ferdinand and Queen Marie of Romania.  According to this report, political as well as social circles are buzzing with the rumor that the 18-year-old Princess eloped with a young naval lieutenant, who was an aide-de-camp to the late King.

"On the other hand, it may all be gossip arising out of the fact that the two young people are old friends and recently were seen together at a Black Sea resort.  In reply to press inquiry at Bucharest at the Ministry of the Interior concerning the story, it was officially stated that nothing was known concerning any trip of any kind undertaken by Princess Ileana.

"Some color was lent to the story, however, by the fact that the Ministry of the Royal Household today issued a decree forbidding all Rumanian newspapers to publish any item concerning the present whereabouts or trips taken by any member of the royal family.

"It always has been thought that Princess Ileana had leanings toward a freer life than is possible within the strict bounds of court restraint. and it is pointed out that her brother Carol is perhaps not the sole member of his generation whose royal blood is strongly tinged with a strain of romance.

"It is only fair to add that this charming girl has been engaged by rumor, but not in fact, during the last two or three years to any number of foreign princes, including Boris, the bachelor King of Bulgaria."

Another report states that the Princess "has been missing for two days from her usual haunts" and may be on a yacht in the Black Sea.
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Earlier this year, the Romanian Regency Council declared Princess Ileana to be "emancipated."  This degree allowed the young princess to "receive and manage" the portion of the estate left to her by her late father, King Ferdinand.

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