Sunday, October 8, 2017

Exclusive photos of Serbian wedding

A friend of mine messaged me after he learned I was not able to fly to Belgrade for Prince Philip's wedding -- and he let me know he would send a few photos and video.  I have not been able to figure out how to open the videos, but working on it.

HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden was the Kuma and Prince Peter of Serbia served as the Kuma and Kum, the witnesses, and perhaps the godparents of TRH Prince Philip and Princess Danica's first child.

The photos were taken with a phone.  The copyright remains with the photographer.

At the dinner, the night before the wedding. Prince Serge of Serbia

Crown Prince Alexander greets a guest.

HRH Princess Anne, the Dowager Duchess of Calabria, godmother of Prince Philip

Adorable Serbian dance troupe 

Philip and Danica and Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine

In this photo  Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Peter,  Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg, Prince Serge

Crown Princess Victoria, the bride and groom and Prince Peter

the groom's mother, Princess Maria da Gloria of Orleans-Braganza, Duchess of Segorbe, looks up

Crown Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Katherine,  the Duchess of Segorbe, the bride's parents,  Princess Linda (widow of Prince Tomislav) Princess Elizabeth of Serbia and the Dowager Duchess of Calabria

the two tall young women in the middle (one is in pink) are Sol and Luna Medina, the groom's half-sisters. 

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