Monday, October 30, 2017

Empress Marie is sure her son is alive

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October 30, 1927

The Dowager Empress of the Russias "refuses to believe that her son,"  Nicholas II is dead, reports the Associated Press.

She believes she will see him again.  This belief is keeping her alive, despite "the fact that she is growing steadily weaker," as she approaches her 80th birthday on November 25.

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 Marie Feodorovna, now in exile, in Denmark "virtually has retired to the privacy of her own room."  She rarely leaves "her quarters, even having given up her daily drive in a hired automobile" as the "slight exertion" as a "tax on her strength."

The widowed consort of Alexander III -- and a Danish princess by birth -- spends most of her day talking about her eldest son and his family with retainers who have joined her in exile.  Marie expects Nicholas to "visit her almost every day."

She is "virtually alone in her belief" that Nicholas was murdered ten years ago at Ekaterinburg.

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