Friday, September 8, 2017

Miss Maud Windsor goes to school, too

The Duke of Cambridge was the only member of the British Royal Family taking his child to school for the very first time.

The Duke's second cousin, Lord Frederick Windsor,  was doing the vary same thing ... at the very same school,  Thomas' in Battersea.  He, too, was beaming as he escorted his elder daughter,  Maud, to her first day of school.

I have included a link to the photos.  I cannot republish them because the rights belong to Backgrid, a photo agency.

Lord Frederick, 38, is the son of Prince Michael of Kent, and his wife, Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz.  Lord Frederick and his younger sister, Lady Gabriella, grew up at Kensington Palace, and were childhood playmates of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Lord Frederick, a VP with JP Morgan, is married to actress Sophie Winkleman, who is styled, socially, as Lady Frederick Windsor.  They married at Hampton Court in  September 2009.

Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina Windsor was born in Los Angeles, on August 13, 2013.   She was baptized at the Royal Chapel, at St. James's Palace, wearing the royal christening gown.  Princess Eugenie of York is one of her godparents.

The family moved back to London several months before Lady Frederick gave birth to a second daughter, Isabella Alexandra Mary in January 2016.  They now live in southwest London.

In a 2016 interview in Hello magazine,  Lady Frederick said that she and her husband and Maud visit the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shortly before Charlotte's birth.  It was for tea ... and Maud and George had a play date.  Maud is a month younger than her third cousin once removed.

Lady Frederick did not accompany her husband on Maud's first school run.

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Michelle said...

Despite the similar ages, aren't William & Frederick actually second cousins once removed, and Maud & George third cousins once removed? Prince Michael & the Queen are first cousins, their children Frederick & Charles are second cousins, their children Maud & William are third cousins, making Maud the third cousin once removed of George.