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Grand Duke of Baden not expected to live

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 September 21 1907

Grand Duke Friedrich of Baden's condition is said to be "hopeless," reports the Washington Post.

A bulletin was issued at 4 p.m., and states:  "No improvement has been noted in the grand duke's condition.  The patient is weary and dozes much.  Inadequate activity of the heart is showing its effects on the physical condition."

The Grand Duke is 81 years old.   He is the third son of late Grand Duke Leopold  and his wife, Sophie, daughter of King Gustav IV of Sweden.   Friedrich became heir presumptive to the throne following the death of his father in 1852.  His elder brother,  Ludwig II, suffered from mental illness, and, Friedrich was named as regent.  He held this position until 1856, when he was named as Grand Duke.  Ludwig died two years later.

The Grand Duke is married to Princess Luise of Prussia, daughter of King Wilhelm I of Germany and Princess Auguste of Saxe-Weimar.  They have two surviving children,  Hereditary Grand Duke Friedrich, 50, and Victoria, the wife of Crown Prince Gustav of Sweden.

The Hereditary Grand Duke married in 1885 to Princess Hilda of Luxembourg.  Their marriage is childless.  The second in line is the Grand Duke's nephew, Prince Maximilian, who is married to Princess Marie Louise of Hanover.  Prince Max is said to be on his way to Mainau, where the Grand Duke lays dying.

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