Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Rama Dama Ding Dong

Eyes on shoes!

King Vajiralongkorn  (Rama X) of Thailand has a fill in the blank sense for casual dressing.

I will say his lack of style is ghastly, shameful, disgusting, poor taste, tacky, tacky, tacky and awful. He wears a uniform when he makes an appearance in Thailand.  The uniform weighed down with all those medals, and must be soooooo uncomfortable for a senior citizen who prefers to borrow his chickie's Zumba clothes.  Why would a king, let alone a responsible older person deign to dress like a  .. go ahead, fill in the blank.



A nearly 65 year old man with way too many tattoos is seen walking through a German shopping mall with his bimbo (girlfriend),  licking ice cream cones.   Someone captures this scene on video ... then of course shares with the world.  Due to Thailand's draconic lèse-majesté laws, the video or images cannot be shown in Thailand.

Dear Thai people, you need to see that your king is not acting his age.  No decorum or respect for his own position.  How can you respect this man who has shown no respect for you or for Thailand.

This is how he has acted for years.  The king has four sons, now living in America.  The eldest should be the Crown Prince.  Their mother raised them well without the support of the sperm that fathered them.


Vajiralongkorn succeeded his revered father, King Bhumibol The difference between the two kings is striking, but one wonders about the parenting skills of the late King and his widow, Queen Sirkit?  They apparently raised a self-indulgent spoiled brat, who, if not for the Thai law,  would be the butt of a lot jokes ... does Thailand have their own version of Saturday Night Live?


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John said...

Ugh. And that appears to be a favorite outfit too because I saw a photo within the last few years covertly snapped of him wearing the same (including the large belly) on the tarmac of an airport. This was before his beloved dog Foo-Foo died, I think.
You're right, as beloved as the late king is, it really makes one wonder about their parenting. Then again, the late king's oldest daughter seems to conduct herself in a dignified way so there's that at least.