Monday, May 22, 2017

Crown Prince Pavlos celebrates the Big 5-0

Yes a few days late with this post ...

Crown Prince Pavlos, the second child of King Constantine II and Queen Anne Marie of the Hellenes, was born at Tatoi on May 20, 1967.   He was nearly seven months old when his father's counter coup against the military junta (which had taken power in the spring of 1967) failed.  The royal family left the country, first to Rome, and then to London where they lived for several decades.  A plebiscite in 1973 ended the Greek monarchy.

On July 1, 1995 at the Saint Sophia Cathedral in London, Pavlos married duty-free heiress Marie Chantal Miller.   They have five children, and are now in the process of moving from London back to New York City.   He is the co founder with Peter DeSorcy of Ortelius, an alternative investment group specializing in hedge funds and private equity.

These photos are from my private collection.  A friend of mine was the late George Tantzos, who worked as an aide to King Constantine II.  George founded the publishing company, Atlantic International.  His first book, The Inheritors of Alexander the Great,  was published in a limited edition in 1987.
George died in the early 1990s.  I inherited his Greek photo collection.  Most of the photos had been used in The Inheritors of Alexander the Great.

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