Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wallis will outrank sisters-in-law

February 9, 1937

Mrs. Wallis Simpson will never be Queen, but she will become a royal highness, "if and when she marries the Duke of Windsor," reports the Chicago Tribune

She will also take precedence over her future sisters-in-law, the Duchesses of Kent and Gloucester.

There has been "much discussion" about Mrs. Simpson's "title and dignity" after her marriage to the former King Edward VIII.   The position of the Duke, who was born His Royal Highness Prince Edward,  will remain as such, and his right was not affected by his abdication.

Thus, by right of marriage,  Mrs. Simpson will become Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Windsor.  As a royal duchess, she will have the "privilege of signing her Christian name without any suffix."  She will "receive the salutation of 'ma'am," and the curtsy from "those who come before her."

There is a "movement afoot in court circles" to modify the precedence of Mrs. Simpson if the Duke of Gloucester becomes regent for his brother in case of "illness or absence."    It would be unthinkable for the Duchess of Gloucester's precedence to be less than the Duchess of Windsor if the Duke of Gloucester is regent.

There is also talk of bestowing on the Duke of Gloucester an "order next in male precedence to the sovereign."    At present, the Duke of Windsor, as the king's older brother,  "would normally come next to the king and his wife."

One should not be too worried as it is unlikely that the duke or his wife "will set foot on the soil of England until Edward's abdication becomes completely consigned to history."


Unknown said...

Sadly ill-informed,and she never was HRH. Ive heard that the Duke of Windsor always made people act as if she were an HRH though. There used to be regular stories suggesting that she would be allowed the title eventually or even posthumously, but its never happened.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Read original date of the story. .. This was a report in february 1927, before the final LP, etc, and denying the HRH to Wallis. Geesh.

Joana of Castile said...

Perfectly right for the time it was published...I had always thought it petty and childish to deny her the HRH, but the question of her then outranking the wife of the possible regent of England had never crossed my mind. Thank you for broadening my horizons, Marlene!

Unknown said...

Dear Marlene, I did notice the date, the paper obviously didnt realise the depth of feeling against Mrs Simpson. It all seems very sad and outdated now, but I think we got the better King out of it.