Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Delphine Boel vs King Albert II

Delphine Boel has returned to a Belgian court to begin the process to be recognized as trhe natural daughter of King Albert II.

This will be a two step process, at the least.  The first part of her application will focus on the status of her legal father, Jacques Boel.  A DNA test has proven that he is not Delphine's biological father, and Boel has not disputed the test.  As it is impossible to have two biological fathers,  the judge is expected to grant Delphine's request to remove  Jacques Boel's legal status.   If the court accepts Jacques Boel's DNA and his official acceptance that he is not Delphine's natural father,

Should the judge grant this request,  Delphine is expected to pursue the second step, which will be to request that King Albert II, father of the present King Philippe, take a DNA test, to prove or disprove his paternity.   Another scenario would be for the court to set aside Boel's paternity and ask the former to take a DNA test to dispel any doubts.

Miss Boel ,49, claims to be the daughter of King Albert by his long time mistress, Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps.

Responding to the summons to court, Albert's lawyer said "We will plead our case."    The King did not attend the proceedings.

A judgment is expected before Easter.

5 comments: said...

What an experience for the daughter to go through, particularly if her mother clearly stated her father is XX. Why put the daughter through this, then once he is proven, would his daughter bother wanting any relationship with him !!!.

I realise he was formerly the King of the Belgians but for heaven sake, recognise the child he had with his one time mistress.. So unfair for the daughter...

Randy Taylor said...

So there is another point to her case. Clearly the King and his family is not going to give her recognition so exactly what is she trying to get. It goes without saying she looks exactly like him and his family but from reading all the blogs he never have to submit to DNA and a judge can render a verdict saying there is a strong probability he is the biological father. Really? she is wasting time and money just to hear a man say that. Is he going to tell the Belgian people she is a daughter, will he add her name to his will and introduce be her to the rest of his family. Is he going to give her the name of Princess and a palace to live in. Will he allow her to represent Belgium officially and add her picture to the official portraits and do what his other kids do. If not then this is idiotic and useless. To think she discarded a father who loved her for one who could care less about her and her family. How foolish is that.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Albert did allude to the situation in a Christmas speech when the first reports appeared. Albert is not the sovereign, and no longer protected by being the king. An illegitimate child has no rights to a title, but has rights to his private estate, equal to his legitimate children. She wants (like any child) to be acknowledged by her father. She did not toss Jacques Boel, who was cuckolded by his wife for many years. Jacques knew, and he agreed to the DNA test. In contrast, the illegitimate daughter of Prince Charles of Belgium was acknowledged and accepted by the royal family.

Michelle said...

So is it likely that she really is the biological child of the former king? And if so, is a Belgian court likely to force him to submit a DNA sample, even if they have the power to do so? Finally, if she was proven to be his genetic child, is the family likely to welcome her into their lives (on a personal rather than official level)?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Delphine is most likely Albert's daughter. Yes, the court can force the test as he is no longer the sovereign and exempt from certain laws.
I dont think Delphine expects to be welcome. I think she wants to know the truth.