Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Britons look to young princess as future Queen

October 26, 1936

Whether King Edward VIII marries Mrs. Wallis Simpson or not,  more and more Britons have their "heart set on a second Queen Elizabeth." reports the Associated Press.

Americans are fixated by the possibility that the Baltimore-bred woman might become Queen but it is "the little lady in whom the dreams of the average British subjects are centered on today."  The little lady in question is the "curly-headed, blue-eyed 10-year-old daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York."

If the King marries Mrs. Simpson, a twice-divorced woman, many British subjects will think that they have been "let down" by their king.    But if he chooses to abdicate in order to marry "Wally,"  Princess Elizabeth will become the heir to the throne.  But if they do marry, and Wallis becomes queen and bears the king a child,  Princess Elizabeth will move down in the line of succession.  

The average Briton has no idea what Wallis Simpson looks like, although she is well known to most Americans.    Princess Elizabeth is very popular, and "cheering crowds gather for her every appearance.  British newspaper photographers are "on her trail" at every opportunity.

The British would be pleased with a second Queen Elizabeth as the first represents "the Golden Age," when England ruled the seas by "smashing the Spanish Armada."

The little Princess is known as "Lilibet."    When she grew her first tooth, it was "an event of the great national importance.   She nearly stole the show when she was a bridesmaid nearly two years ago at the wedding of her uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent, to the "glamorous" Princess Marina of Greece.     She received a lot of cheers when she joined in her parents in the carriage procession for her late grandfather, King George V's Silver Jubilee procession.

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