Monday, November 9, 2015

A message from King Michael


When I turned the country to the Allied side, in order to save the existence of the Romanian State, I was twenty-two years old. Exactly seventy years ago, on 8 November 1945, those who gathered in Royal Palace Square to defend their freedom were the same age. Those who have taken to the streets in the last few days are also the same age.

One thing I learned in my youth was that friends can disappoint you more than enemies. Another thing I learned then was that in crucial moments you remain alone.

Democracy and freedoms once won are not forever. No victory is eternal. Every day human kind earns the right to have a tomorrow. With each generation the country regains the privilege to continue to exist.

To have good laws is a considerable thing. To make people respect them is even more valuable. But what is fundamental is that people should believe in them. Today’s Romania has not yet reached that point. 

Our freedom and steadfastness depend upon the good running of the institutions of State. However, as you yourselves have recently observed, the most advanced legislation and civic attitude are unfortunately not enough to obtain and guarantee solid institutions. I am certain that the younger generation will be able to find, in their Romania, a just balance between civic attitude and State institutions.

Thanks to its unique relationship with the nation, the Crown remains a source of pride, trust and love. It protects and embodies the national being. It is a bridge connecting communities, faiths, and fellow citizens.

In a few months the Romanian Crown will celebrate its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary. It has continued to exist for one and a half centuries, despite crimes against it and unimaginable difficulties. Of the one hundred and fifty years of the Crown, I have experienced almost one hundred of them personally. All these things entitle me to say to our young people: the time of your Romania has begun!

Michael R

8 November 2015 

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