Friday, March 13, 2015

Neuwied mourns its Prince

The Prince of Wied died "suddenly and unexpectedly" yesterday at the age of 53.  He suffered the heart attack during the night, but despite "intensive efforts at the hospital," Carl Prince of Wied's life could not be saved.

He was a popular prince, and was engaged in in numerous charities and other local organizations.  He loved his family, nature and the preservation of local forests.

Since 2000, he had been the chairmen of the chairman of the Naturparks-Rhein-Westerwald.  He was also active and a popular member of local hunting organizations. 

According to one local official, Rainer Kaul, "the Prince listened to the concerns of his fellow man.  Often he allowed his garden to be used by the church for medieval festivals or his living room for official Rhineland events.  He was welcoming and sociable. He was known for his jokes and could laugh at himself. Rarely he was found without his beloved cigarettes. Once, when ashes fell on an expensive Persian carpet,  he responded to a woman's horrified screams: don't worry, ash is good against moths."

After a funeral service on March 20 in Neuwied,  Carl, the 8th Prince of Wied, will be buried in the family cemetery at Schloss Monrepos, which he has loved his childhood, and where he was able to roam through forests surrounding the castle.

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