Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Royal Gatherings in London (April 2015)

I am sharing with you more information about the upcoming ROYAL GATHERINGS in London conference…


We gather on April 25 at 9:30am. Introductions will take about 45 minutes and once concluded the first lecture will start us off!

We expect to be done by 5:30-6:00pm.
On April 26, we will begin at 10:000am and expect to conclude by 5:30-6:00pm.

Each lecture will last between 40-45 minutes and will be followed by at least 15-20 minutes of open discussion and question time!

We feel it is EXTREMELY important to open the floor to the participants to evacuate questions and listen to meaningful contributions that you all surely have to add!

We have hired the conference room at renowned philatelists and medalists, SPINK, an amazingly respectable company founded in London 1666 and holders of two Royal Warrants!
Their address is: 69 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 4ET

The cost of the weekend conference is £80.00 (if payable by Sterling cheque) or £85.00 (if payable by Paypal or credit card). Lunch and dinner are not included in this price, but refreshments in the morning and afternoon will be provided.
IMPORTANT: We have a limited number of seats. Since we made the initial announcement awe have about half of these either reserved or on hold. Your seat WILL NOT be guaranteed until payment is received. Once the seats are all sold out, we CANNOT make further accommodations. PLEASE do not delaying letting us know if you plan to attend.


All bookings MUST be done through Arturo Beeche, either by emailing us at aebeeche@mac.com or books@eurohistory.com. 

You can also phone EUROHISTORY’s office in California at 1-510-236-1730 or call Ms. Warne in the UK at 01483-474-303


1. By Sterling cheque: Please mail £80.00 cheque payable to Ms. KATRINA WARNE at: 12 Lockswood, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey GU24 0HL, United Kingdom

2. By Paypal: Send £85.00 to: eurohistory@comcast.net

3. By Credit card: Email us at aebeeche@mac.com or books@eurohistory.com to make arrangements. If you need us to call you, just send us an email with your phone information and we will contact you ASAP. 


Arturo Beéche, Founder & President
6300 Kensington Avenue
East Richmond Heights, CA 94805 USA
Phone: 510-236-1730
Email: aebeeche@mac.com or books@eurohistory.com


MS Katrina Warne
12 Lockswood
Brookwood, Woking
Surrey GU24 0HL
United Kingdom
Phone: 01483-474303
Email: kwarne12@gmail.com


1. Hugo Vickers – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Sisters

2. Stefano Papi – The Jewels of Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna

3. Ilana Miller – Royal Gatherings II (a book to be launched at the conference)

4. Coryne Hall – The Royal House of Bavaria

5. Janet Ashton – The Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II

6. Katrina Warne – Bourbon and Habsburg Legacy – Spain’s Magnificent Royal Palaces

7. Ted Rosvall – Scandalous Royals – Or Were They?

8. Katie Tice – The Kaiser’s Daughters-in-Law

9. Arturo Beéche – The Coburg-Kohary Debacle: The Spoliation of One of Europe’s Largest Fortunes

There is a chance that two other speakers may be able to join us. If so, we will move the daily schedule accordingly!


Our partners at Hoogstraten Booksellers will be on hand to sell a selection from their excellent offerings. Ms Bakker will be in charge of sales of all EUROHISTORY’s books, as well as Rosvall Royal Books various offerings.

Other vendors of royal memorabilia have been invited to participate. Their presence is pending arrangements to be made with them.


While our conferences in San Francisco and The Hague take place at hotels, London’s conference does not. Bloomsbury is filled with many available options in this department. WE URGE you to make your accommodations ASAP as this weekend coincides with the London Marathon. Although that event is not where we are gathering, surely rooms will go fast!

We hope to see you partake of what will become a yearly venue in London.

Best wishes, Arturo, Ian and Katrina

Arturo Beéche, Publisher
The EuroHistory Journal
Kensington House Books
6300 Kensington Avenue
East Richmond Heights CA 94805-1618
Phone: 510-236-1730
Email: Books@eurohistory.com


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