Thursday, October 23, 2014

Princess Alix has arrived at Livadia

October 23, 1894

Princess Alix of Hesse and By Rhine has arrived in Livadia reports the New York Times.  Upon her arrival, she received a telegram of welcome from the municipality of Moscow.  She sent a response by wire:

"I am deeply touched that the municipality of Moscow thought of me the moment I set foot upon the soil of my new home, so dear to me.  I have no doubt of the fervor of Moscow's prayers for the health of our beloved Czar.  May God help us."

The New York Times reports on the rumor that Princess Alix with marry the Tsarevitch tomorrow.

The Princess was accompanied by her older sister, Grand Duchess Serge, by train from Simferopol, and then traveled by carriage to Altushta, where she was met by her fiancé.  They stopped for lunch, and then resumed their journey through Yalta. 

The Tsarevitch and Princess Alix sat "side by side in the carriage," and as they passed through Yalta they were "enthusiastically cheered by the crowds which had gathered to greet them."

They arrived at Livadia at dusk.    Princess Alix made her way at once to the apartments of the Emperor and Empress. After spending some time with them, the Princess, accompanied by Empress Marie, and other members of the imperial family, proceeded to the palace's church to attend a service.

Grand Duke and Grand Duchess Wladimir have also arrived at Livadia.

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Huh. ThiS happened in 1894.