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New statement from Livadia on Emperor's condition

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October 28, 1894

An official bulletin from Livadia was issued shortly after noon today, reports the New York Times.

"The Emperor slept well and his appetite is good. Otherwise his condition has not changed."

A second bulletin was released at 7:00 p.m, and was the same as the first.  Another report in the London Daily News, from its St. Petersburg correspondent, states: "The Czar's bettering is a surprise to everyone."  Emperor Alexander III's doctor  remarked to a friend "that medical science was unable to explain this turn in the case.  Such a rally contradicts all presumptions and impossible things now seem possible."

Alexander III is expected to take part in the wedding ceremony to "the extent of blessing the couple."  The weather in Livadia is said to be "charming."  The windows in Alexander's room are kept open, and the temperature remains at 78 F.

In a dispatch from Yalta, the Daily Telegraph reports that the Tsarevitch's marriage "is not impending, as the religious preliminaries have not been arranged.  Since Wednesday the Czar has risen between 7:30 and 8 a.m, and has dressed himself unassisted. He remains all day in an arm-chair and opens and reads all letters. He takes too little care of his health, and attaches too little importance to his physicians' counsels and orders."

In Washington, D.C., Prince Cantacuzene, the Russian Minister to the United States, received a "satisfactory bulletin" on Alexander's condition.

"The Emperor slept well on Friday night. Yesterday his appetite was good and the function of the heart more satisfactory. General condition better. Oedema has not increased."  The bulletin had been sent to Washington by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Prince Cantacuzene is "greatly encouraged" by the news.  He believes that the marriage between the heir and Princess Alix will not take place immediately because this is "additional proof" that the Emperor;s condition is not as serious as previously reported."   The postponement of the wedding "justifies the believe that the Emperor is improving," and may be well enough to be present for the ceremony.

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