Monday, October 20, 2014

Margherita gives consent to marriage

October 20, 1908

The Rome correspondent for the Central News Service is reporting that Dowager Queen Margherita of Italy has "given her consent" to the marriage of the Duke of the Abruzzi to American Katherine Elkins.

The dispatch further states that King Vittorio Emanuele's wedding gift to Miss Elkins will be a diamond tiara worth $120,000.

Another report states that the two Italian cruisers have been "ordered to be in readiness to escort the cruiser, Europea, bearing the duke and his bride to Italy after their marriage."

The Duke "has disappeared from Turin," and it is believed that he is now en route to America, "sailing under an assumed name."

Reports of an engagement between the Duke and Miss Elkins is a surprise to Senator Elkins, who said today: "The information is news to my family and myself. We cannot say anything because we don't know anything about it."

Senator Elkins is the father of Katherine Elkins.

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