Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Has the Duke of Brunswick been taken prisoner?

October 21, 1914

The New York Times is reporting that the Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, son-in-law of the German Emperor, may have been taken prisoner.  There is a definite "anxiety" felt in Brunswick on the Duke's whereabouts.

The Duke was leading a "squadron of hussars on the French front, when he was reported to have been "cut off from the German line."  It is "feared" that he may be a prisoner.

Prince Ernst Augustus of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg is married to Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia. Their wedding, at Berlin on May 24, 1913, was last grand affair before the start of the world war.  He succeeded to the Brunswick duchy on his marriage, after "promising loyalty to the German Empire."  This promise ended a feud that had lasted for many years between his father, the Duke of Cumberland, only son of the late King Georg V of Hanover, and Kaiser Wilhelm II.

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