Friday, October 10, 2014

Alfonso strips cousin of rights

October 10, 1924

King Alfonso XIII, as head of his house, had been "obliged to take the decision of depriving" his cousin, Prince Luis Fernando of Bourbon Orleans "of all his rights as an Infante of Spain."

Prince Luis is the second son of Infante Don Antonio, Duke of Galliera, and Infanta Eulalia of Spain, Alfonso's aunt.

The French Government recently "found it necessary" to expel Prince Luis from its territory.

The royal decree "depriving" Luis of his privileges "on account of bad conduct" was published earlier today in the Madrid Gazette

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juan said...

Infante Luis is the only member of the royal family is still buried abroad. King Juan Carlos took back his grandparents King Alfonso and Queen Victoria Eugenia and others relatives but Infante Luis is still buried in Paris. He was the "black sheep" of the royal family because his problems with justice but not everything is bad in his biography, during the WWII the Infante and his aunt Infanta Paz, Princess of Bavaria, helped to save jews from Nazi holocaust. Nobody is perfect, Infante Luis wasn´t perfect, but he wasn´t either so bad person.