Friday, October 17, 2014

Alexander's condition has worsened

October 17, 1894

The Lokal Anzeiger, a Berlin newspaper, is "directly informed" by one of the assistants of Alexander III's physicians that Alexander III's condition has "grown much worse," reports the New York Times.

It is understood that the "entire Greek court" will receive the Russian Emperor when he arrives in Athens en route to Corfu.  But he will not leave the Crimea until his Grand Marshal, Count Bendendorff, completes the preparations at Corfu.

The ailing Russian emperor is expected to stay at Chateau Mon Repos, which King George of the Hellenes has placed at the Emperor's disposal.  He will have a "delightful view of the sea and mountains."  

Mon Repos is rather small, and most of the Emperor's suite "will be obliged to lodge elsewhere."

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