Thursday, October 30, 2014

Alexander near death

October 30, 1894

A new bulletin regarding the condition of Alexander III of Russia was issued at 10 p.m. from Livadia:

"During the day the spitting of blood continued, and the Emperor was seized at times with shivering fits.  His temperature was 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and his pulse was 90 and weak.  His breathing was difficult. He can take little nourishment, and has become very weak. The oedema has increased materially."

Another dispatch from Livadia states that the Emperor's "malady has attacked his left lung" and his condition is described as "most serious."

There is a marked change for the worse in Alexander III's condition.  He is suffering congestion in "the lobe of his left lung," which has increased the "coughing and raising of blood."

A dispatch from Yalta states that his condition is "much worse."  All of "immediate relatives" of the imperial family have already arrived, including  Queen Olga of Greece and her children and the eldest daughter of Grand Duke Constantine, an uncle of Emperor.

Alexander III did receive holy communion today.

Grand Duke Alexis Mikhailovich, youngest brother of Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna's husband, Grand Duke Alexander, is said to be "seriously ill."  He left Yalta earlier today "to hasten southward for the winter."

Another dispatch from St. Petersburg was published in Vienna.  "The Czar was delirious last night and did not recognize his family.  He grew calmer this morning. Upon learning that death was near, he asked that several friends who had not been summoned be called at once to his bedside."

The Russian Minister to the United States, Prince Cantacuzene received an "alarming dispatch this morning from St. Petersburg: "The condition of the Emperor is considerably worse since yesterday.  The expectoration of blood is increased by a strong cough.  In the night  symptoms of partial inflammation on the left lung. Condition dangerous."

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