Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Alexander takes a stroll

October 22, 1894

Emperor Alexander III took a brief stroll today in the park at Livadia, reports the New York Times.

One dispatch states:  "The Czar walked half an hour in the park today.  The doctors keep him out of bed as much as possible, so to maintain his moral energy and counteract the weakness of the heart, which is increased by lying in bed."

Rumors remain rife that the Emperor is dead and "his death is kept secret owing" to his son's "refusal to succeed."

Empress Marie is said to be doing better, "although her condition is precarious and pitiable."

Grand Duke Wladimir and Princess Alix of Hesse and By Rhine, the Tsarevitch's fiancée, are en route to Livadia and will arrive after midnight.

The King of Greece will leave for Corfu tomorrow. He has purchased new furniture for Mon Repos, "which is nearly ready for the occupancy of the Czar."

Another dispatch states that Alexander has "passed a good night and feels stronger today."

One German newspaper, the Lokal Anzeiger. is reporting that Princess Alix will be received into the Russian Orthodox Church tomorrow, and will be married on Wednesday in the present of Alexander III and the imperial family.

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