Friday, August 8, 2014

More details on Thurn und Taxis wedding!

I am not sure I would agree with Bild's statement that the wedding of Princess Maria Theresia of Thurn und Taxis to the British artist Hugo Wilson will be the German nobility wedding of the year.

Princess Maria Theresia, 33, is the eldest of three children of the late Johannes, Prince of Thurn und Taxis, and his wife, Gloria, born a Countess of Schönburg-Glauchau. 

The couple, who met in London, will marry on September 13 at Schloss Garatshausen at Starnberger-am-See.  The property is owned by the bride's younger brother, Albert, Prince of Thurn und Taxis.

The wedding will be a glittering affair, but it will certainly not qualify as the noble wedding of the year.  Hugo Wilson is a British commoner.

Just two weeks ago, Theresa von Einsiedel married Prince Francois of 'Orléans, a scion of the former French royal house.  

The church wedding will, according to press reports, take place at St. Josef's church in Tutzing.  The bride is Roman Catholic. It is understood that Mr. Wilson will have been received into the Roman Catholic faith by the time of the religious wedding.  

Another recent press report states that the couple have meet several times with the church's priest, Father Peter Brummer.   The church's choir has been practicing music by Handel and Mozart since May.   Local hotels are booked for the weekend on September 12-14.   A request was made to local authorities to construct a "floating stage" at the castle. 

The reception will be held at Schloss Garatshausen.

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