Friday, August 1, 2014

Little Alexis: most important baby in Russia

August 1, 1908

The baby with the "highest position in Russia" is the only son and heir of Emperor Nicholas II, reports the Los Angeles Times.  If this little boy ever "gains the throne," he will known as Alexis II.

Little Alexis was born on August 13, 1904. He has four older sisters who adore him, and "he has so many toys that that he probably doesn't know how many he owns."

His first toys "were a set of brightly painted funny little figurines that fitted into one another."   He loves a "jointed serpent that wriggles along in a fearsome manner," as well as a little horse drawn cart, and miniature railway set.

Alexis has "electrical toys, steam toys, all sorts of mechanical toys and toys that talk from hidden phonographs."

He wears "magnificent clothes," as well.   Many little boys love playing soldier.  The young tsarevitch is all ready the colonel of regiments in Finland, Lithuania, Siberia,  and several others.  He also is the commander of the Cossacks.    Certainly enough military honors for a little boy who isn't yet four.

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