Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Infant heir made colonel

August 13, 1904

The new heir to the Russian throne received his first military honor even before he was twenty-four hours old, reports the New York Times.

Tsarevitch Alexis was made the Honorary Colonel of the Finland Guards.  The colonel of the regiment traveled to the Alexandria Villa at Peterhof to "salute his baby chief."

The regiment is "so named because they took part in the war against the Swedes in Finland."

Alexis, who is the first son and fifth child, of Emperor Nicholas II and his wife, Alexandra, is said to be a "strong, healthy baby."

The Emperor's younger brother, Grand Duke Michael, "joyfully surrenders his rights and prestige as heir apparent" to his new nephew.  He looks forward to being out of the public eye, and has been "exceedingly anxious" to go to the front, although it is improbable that he will be permitted to travel to the Far East.

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