Monday, August 11, 2014

Empress abandons trip to Darmstadt

August 11, 1898

Empress Alexandra is to be "congratulated on her wise decision to abandon her trip" to Darmstadt, and remain "by the side of her husband," writes the Marquise de Fontenoy.

The change of plans "knocks on the head all the projects and intrigues organized for the purpose of estranging her husband from her" during her time abroad at her former home.  This intrigues were apparently "contrived" by members of the imperial family who "object" to Alexandra's "influence over the Emperor."

It has been arranged for Nicholas and Alexandra to leave St. Petersburg on August 20th to travel to Moscow for the "solemn unveiling of the monument to Alexander II in the Kremlin."

The entire Imperial family, with the exception of the Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna, will be present at the ceremony.

The Emperor and Empress will be staying with Grand Duke Serge and Grand Duchess Elisabeth at their country home at Illinsky.   Grand Duchess Elisabeth, "as everyone knows," is an elder sister of the Empress.   Grand Duke Serge is Nicholas II's uncle and brother-in-law.

After they leave Moscow, the Emperor and Empress will "proceed straight" to Livadia, the "lovely Crimean country seat on the shores of the Black Sea."   It was at Livadia, where Nicholas' father, Alexander III, "breathed his last," on November 1, 1894.

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