Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer school for Froilan.

Don Froilan de Marichalar de Borbon  has to go to summer school, due to poor grades. On June 30,  the son of Infanta Elena and her former husband, Don Jaime de Marichlar  was brought by his mother (and 11 bodyguards) to a boarding school, Colegio Episcopal Sagrada Familia de Sigüenza, where he will study between seven and nine hours per day.  He will only be able to use his phone for 30 minutes before bedtime.
Froilan arrived at the school nearly the last minute, where he will have an "austere and severe" summer, according to a press report. 
Infanta Elena's only son is described as a poor student, who passed only two subjects: English and gymnastics (If my translation is correct.)  Froilan's sister, Victoria, recently returned home from a year at an English boarding school.
The cost for the summer cost is 1540 Euros.  Apparently, Froilan's dad, Don Jaime, also attended a summer session when he was a teenager.
King Felipe will surely have a talk with his eldest sister on why she needed a secretary and 11 security personnel to accompany her and Froilan to Siguenza.

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