Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kaiser makes war speech

July 31, 1914

Germany is in a state of war, reports the New York Times.  An "imperial decree" was issued today "proclaiming the empire in a state of war."

The Kaiser will issue a proclamation ordering the "mobilization of the entire army and navy after he returns to Berlin from Potsdam.

The decision to go to war was forced by an act of "unpardonable disloyalty" by Russia.   Although Wilhelm II continued to communicate with Emperor Nicholas II, it came to Germany's knowledge that the Russian navy and army had already mobilization.

Germany could not ignore this action by Russia, despite attempts to "negotiate on the basis of Sir Edward Grey's proposal."

The Kaiser's second youngest son, Prince Oskar, was married today in what is being called "nuptials of war."  He married Countess Ina von Bassewitz, a former lady-in-waiting.

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