Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Franz Josef and heir are cheered

July 30, 1914

From a dispatch sent by the Vienna Correspondent of the Daily Mail and sent by special cable to the New York Times.

"Standing at the entrance to the Palace Thursday I witnesses the most solemn and touching spectacle of my life.

"Emperor Francis Joseph, who is aged 83, and his heir, the young Archduke Charles Francis Joseph, returned from Ischl to Vienna at noon today.  All Vienna welcomed them.  The crowd waved the national black and yellow flags and shouted till their throats were hoarse in enthusiasm for their monarch, who is going to war in his old age.

"The streets were lined with aged veterans bearing banners, while deputations from the city and other corporations stood awaiting the open carriage which swept up the open drive to the palace.

"The Emperor, although a little bent with his years, looked very well. The young Archduke at his side returned the greeting of the crowd, who remarked how closely he resembled his [great] uncle."

There were "great throngs" as the Emperor and his great-nephew returned to Schönnbrun Castle.  Cafes and restaurants are all deserted this evening as the "main streets are filled with singing and cheering processions."

Crowds also greeted the Emperor and the archduke as they left Ischl for Vienna earlier today. 

In Linz, the Emperor addressed officers of the local garrison who were waiting on the railway platform.

"I only have time to give you a few words of greeting in this grave hour.  These are that I trust in the good spirit, the endurance, and the valor of my army.  It was my wish to maintain peace."

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