Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Upcoming royal wedding in Prague

June 24, 1934

Prince Karl of Schwarzenberg, a wealthy landowner, will marry Princess Antonie of Fürstenberg at St. Nicholas Church in Prague on Saturday, according to the Associated Press.  The Princess is the daughter of Prince Karl Emil of Fürstenberg and Countess Maria Festetics von Tolna.

Witnesses for the 22-year-old groom will be Prince Alois of Liechtenstein and Prince Friedrich of Schwarzenberg.   Prince Louis II of Monaco and Prince Maximilian Egon of Fürstenberg will serve as witnesses for the 29 year old Princess.

Karl was only three-years-old when he succeeded his father, Karl, as Prince of Schwarzenberg.

The Prince of Monaco is the bride's great uncle, as his mother, Lady Mary Victoria Hamilton, first wife of Albert I of Monaco, the bride's grandmother   After Lady Mary's divorce and annulment,  she married Prince Tasziló Festetics de Tolna, a member of a Hungarian noble family.  They had four children.  Their eldest daughter, Maria, married Prince Karl Emil of Furstenberg.

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