Sunday, June 15, 2014

Trooping the Colour 2014

Imagine celebrating your birthday with a big parade and  the Royal Family !  All the photos are my copyright, and cannot  be copied, stored, shared or published online or in print without my permission.  Thanks.

The Duke waving to me

Cheeky Prince Harry sticking out his tongue.

Duke of Cambridge and the Prince of Wales

Princess Royal, Duke of Cambridge and Prince of Wales

Princess Royal saluting as she leaves

Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent

Duke of Kent, Lady St A ndrews, Lady Marina-Charlotte Windsor

Zenouska Mowatt

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry

Lady St.Andrews

Lord St Andrews


Anonymous said...

I have a question regarding the royals that are chosen to attend these big royal events like Trooping the Color. They seem to include all the descendants of King George V with the exception of Princess Mary's. When Prince Charles becomes king will attendees be cut back to the descendants of King George VI or will it go even further and only include the descendants of Queen Elizabeth II? I must admit that I'd rather see the Phillips clan and both York sisters than some of these more distant relations.

Pam said...

Great photos.. look like you had a grand time with better weather this trip.

Laura said...

Happy birthday Marlene! Thanks for the wonderful photographs and identification of the lesser known members of the famiy.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The Phillips rarely go. All are invited, but different members of the family cannot come every year. The Kents and gloucesters are working members of the royal family. Anne's kids live largely private lives so they prefer not to be on the balcony.