Monday, June 23, 2014

Prince of Wales turns 40: no wife in sight

June 23, 1934

The Prince of Wales is celebrating his 40th birthday today.  According to an United Press report,  the prince's birthday has brought a "revival of conjectures whether he will marry" or become a bachelor king.

The heir to the throne dined with his parents, King George and Queen Mary at Windsor Castle, but this day, "marking his becoming middle age," was like any other. 

There were no special ceremonies to commemorate the event.  The prince, "long a dashing international figure fluttering feminine hearts in many lands," spent most of the day reading "innumerable messages of congratulations."

Most believe that he will never marry.  The prince's "intimate friend insist" that he "prefers his freedom and prefers to play a round of golf then go out with women."

It has been some time that the Prince of Wales' name has been linked with "any eligible girl"  The "conviction is growing" that not only will be chose to not marry, but will "step aside when the time comes and permit his younger brother, the duke of York, to become king."

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