Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Look who I saw today!

At the Queen's House, Greenwich.  I was on the other side of the wall, but the photos are okay.  The Duchess of Cambridge was on hand to help launch the UK's 2017 America's Cup attempt.

These photos are mine.  Please do not copy, store electronically, post on any blog, twitter, Tumblr or other sources.  If you would like to use a photo, just ask and I will say yes or no,


Jérôme J. said...

What a paparazza !:)

Michelle said...

thanks for sharing! does the palace release the royals' schedules for public appearances? just wondering, i know that's how the Princess Anne near-kidnapping was planned out so i wasn't sure if in this era they release the schedules.

the only week i've ever spent in the UK happened to be the best possible time, in my opinion! although i've never seen a Presidential motorcade despite living in Northern VA my entire life (i saw one but it was a visiting president, not ours) i HAVE seen pretty much all of the royals! once we were there, we happened to hear that the Diana fountain was being dedicated while we were in London and anybody was welcome to attend. i can't remember every single person there, but obviously the Queen, Prince of Wales, William & Harry, and a bunch of others. so living in DC for 27 years? no go. visiting London for a grand total of 8 days in those 27 years and seeing most of the royal family? simple! that was before i was into monarchies and such so i figured hey, they must all appear together in public all the time! only later did i realize how incredibly amazing our timing was. we were right up against the barrier, weren't searched or anything, the Queen walked right up to us and we have her on video talking. i took pictures but had only just gotten my first digital camera and didn't realize that it could go beyond 3x zoom (it could go 10x, and when i realized that, i had a meltdown, so sad because i could've gotten so many better pictures)!

we also saw Princess Michael of Kent (according to my sister, who knew all about them; again, i didn't know who that was at the time) passing near Westminster Abbey. it was insane that by the trip's end we'd seen so many of them without even trying!

i know you have connections with some of the European royals - do you know any of the British ones? (not asking for specific names, just in general.)

also, do you know the end result of the battle over 24/7 protection for the York princesses? it seems to me that any grandchild of a monarch - especially from the UK, the most visible monarchy in the world - should have protection, especially those with titles. then again, from what i know, guns aren't nearly as common there. still, there was that whole thing in India during Eugenie's (I think it was her, maybe Beatrice but I think it was Eugenie) gap year at the hotel. it ended or something in the room she had been in just days prior - what if she'd still been there? without protection, she'd have likely been killed. i read in a book once that one of the Wales princes caused an alarm with his protection team after some sort of tracker he's supposed to have on him got mixed in with his laundry. i wonder if ALL of the royals have them?

beulah said...

Impressive photos! I especially like the one of Catherine among the pillars. Sharing your personal experiences, pictures and vast knowledge makes Royal Musings a royal treat each time I visit your website.