Wednesday, May 7, 2014

For Sale: A Book of Kings by Arnold McNaughton

I am offering for sale my copy of the seminal genealogical work, A Book of Kings, by the late Canadian royal genealogist, Arnold McNaughton.  This is a three-volume work enclosed in a slip case.  My copy is in excellent condition, with perhaps a few notes here and there in the margins. The book was originally published in a limited edition in 1973.   The first two volumes cover the descendants of George I.  The third volume includes photos.

Ebay and Paypal will take their percentages if I sell on Ebay.  If I am successful here, I will only lose a percentage to Paypal.   Postage is included for US only. If a reader outside the US is interested, email me first, so I can find out the postage ... but be forewarned.  The books are heavy.  The USPS does not have a media mail rate for outside the United States.  The postage could add another $60.00 or more to the book.

I am selling the book because I no longer need it, and I can put the money toward my 60th birthday trip.  University librarians do not make a lot of money, not in Virginia.

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