Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mortimer Update

Nichole has passed on information about how Mortimer is doing.  He has two broken legs, but no internal injuries, which is very good news.  One leg is in a cast.  Mortimer has to rest, and be immobilized for about 8 weeks to let both legs heal. Good luck with that, Nichole!

Mortimer might not like his mom right now, but I told her Mortimer will love her a lot longer.

Many of you read Luxarazzi, THE blog about the grand ducal family of Luxembourg (and the princely family of Liechtenstein).  Nichole is one of the two young women who write the blog.

Veterinary medicine does not come cheap.  Please feel free to share and spread the link.  It is not a scam.  I used GoFundMe when Buddy became very ill.  Schools and churches make use of this site, which has proved to be a very good way to raise money to help out.

Thank you,

Edison & Sienna Koenig

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