Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Can you help Mortimer!! Please

Darling Mortimer
In August 2012, Royal Mewsings readers and followers very kindly donated to Buddy's GoFundMe to help me with a very high medical bill.  A good friend of mine is now in a similar situation with her cat, Mortimer, who  suffered serious injuries from a car.  Mortimer is a year old.  Much loved. 

Can you help Mortimer and his mom, Nichole?   She needs to raise at least $800 for vet bills!

On behalf of our Mom, Marlene,  and our late brother, Buddy,  we say thank you very, very much.

Edison and Sienna Koenig


This is not a scam. Many of you know Nichole, who is one of the two Luxarazzi bloggers.   She mentioned to me about the GoFundMe for her kitty, and I asked her if I could do a post on Royal Musings. I explained that I also had used GoFundMe when I was hit with a huge vet bill.  She agreed.    I was happy to help.  I know many of my readers are very generous!   I do need to reiterate: this is not a scam. 

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